Bio: | Reading (obviously)| Writing (duh)| Roller-blading (didn't see that one coming, did you?)| Blogger (go check out the link that's on my profile somewhere...)| Scrapbooks ( I adore magasines and the people in them)| Celebrities ( not the egotistical ones)| Fashion (Burberry and Zuhair Murad...)| Films ( LOVE LOVE LOVE)| Superheroes (Batman and Iron Man are the coolest, not to mention Loki and The Joker- yes, I love villains too)| A Nerd ( Yes, and a geek)| Elves ( Legolas)| Demons ( Dean Winchester <3)| Vampires ( Team Damon losers)| Beauty And The Beast (Belle)| Peter Pan ( ❤ ) | Lawson (Adam)| 5SOS (Luke X)| All other immortal things ( I'm an undercover shadowhunter)| Tennis ( Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic) | AND NOW I'M COMPLETELY BLANK. I LIKE A LOT MORE THINGS...

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