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| Reading (obviously)| Writing (duh)| Roller-blading (didn't see that one coming, did you?)| Blogger (go check out the link that's on my profile somewhere...)| Scrapbooks ( I adore magasines and the people in them)| Celebrities ( not the egotistical ones)| Fashion (Burberry and Zuhair Murad...)| Films ( LOVE LOVE LOVE)| Superheroes (Batman and Iron Man are the coolest, not to mention Loki and The Joker- yes, I love villains too)| A Nerd ( Yes, and a geek)| Elves ( Legolas)| Demons ( Dean Winchester <3)| Vampires ( Team Damon losers)| Beauty And The Beast (Belle)| Peter Pan ( <3 ) | Lawson (Adam)| 5SOS (Luke X)| All other immortal things ( I'm an undercover shadowhunter)| Tennis ( Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic) | AND NOW I'M COMPLETELY BLANK. I LIKE A LOT MORE THINGS...


Hey universe! This is just a super short note to let you all know that my website ‘Nerd Next Door’ no longer goes under the url of ‘’ but has now transferred to this url: ‘’

Just thought I’d do this as when I changed the web address, my views went down drastically therefore causing me to think that my usual viewers may be having some trouble finding my site as they’ve only known it under this address, and might have this site bookmarked.

Sorry X